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World Premiere at The Village Theatre 2017

"...a highly accomplished piece of theatre.

It deserves a life indeed!"

"A Proper Place is a breathtaking

piece of theatre. Funny, smart and

its impeccable craft is refreshing."

"Everything in the show’s grand that final curtain is magical and intriguing."

"The musical score by Becker and Rhodes....songs that are marvelously spot-on and the astringent satire and wit carries the show...performances are vivid and colorful."

"The best show I've seen here at the festival or on the main stage."

" A Proper Place is both entertaining and thought provoking, and it certainly provides a welcome two-hour respite from today’s political reality as we peer back into a fictional but interesting past with a story of love and survival at a time when people were also being confronted with massive change."

“Rhodes and Becker have created a score of swooping orchestra music and big, bombastic tunes befitting the time period and conveying the intensity of the character’s emotions.”


"This show deserves its proper place on Broadway!"

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