World Premiere at The Village Theatre 2017

"Everything in the show’s grand that final curtain is magical and intriguing."

"The musical score by Becker and Rhodes....songs that are marvelously spot-on and the astringent satire and wit carries the show...performances are vivid and colorful."

"The best show I've seen here at the festival or on the main stage."

" A Proper Place is both entertaining and thought provoking, and it certainly provides a welcome two-hour respite from today’s political reality as we peer back into a fictional but interesting past with a story of love and survival at a time when people were also being confronted with massive change."

“Rhodes and Becker have created a score of swooping orchestra music and big, bombastic tunes befitting the time period and conveying the intensity of the character’s emotions.”


"This show deserves its proper place on Broadway!"